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Creating Atmosphere With Art
Creating Atmosphere With Art

Bog Brook Cove by Mark David Smith Painting, Oil on Canvas 48.0 inch x 48.0 inch $4,270

During these chilly months of winter, we are often met outside by a wall of fog. To me, this moody atmospheric condition is compelling and it reminds me just how important it is to create a compelling atmosphere at home too. Our surroundings should feel good, invite us in, and speak to who we are. So, take a look around your home. Does your home express who you are? Does your artwork express that as well? If not, it may be time for a refresh. Our gallery is full of great original artwork for you! Check us out here at Zatista.com

Paris Portraits: Encore Une Fois by Steve Alderton Painting, Acrylic on Canvas 30.0 inch x 40.0 inch Painting, Acrylic on Canvas 30.0 inch x 40.0 inch $3,600

1136 Abstract Jogging Girl by Roger König Painting, Acrylic on Canvas 51.0 inch x 39.0 inch $6,650

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