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Figurative Art
Figurative Art

Rose by Haydee Torres Mixed Media on Paper 30.0 inch x 22.5 inch $780

Figurative art ranges from the modest to the fully exposed.

Red-haired Girl by Tatiana Ivchenkova Mixed Media on Paper 39.4 inch x 27.6 inch $830

I’ve heard some people wonder why you’d want an image of a stranger on your walls, but many people relate to figures and people more than say, abstract art or landscapes. If people are your passion, take a look at some of the great ones in our gallery here on Zatista. Just type ‘figure’ in Zatista’s search field. In case you were wondering who your next new friend would be, now you know!

Three by Steven Miller Painting, Acrylic on Canvas 50.0 inch x 50.0 inch $6,750

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