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Ink On!
Ink On!

And Then We Die by Christian Løgstrup Digital on Paper 27.1 inch x 27.1 inch $700

From biker bars to the runways of Milan and Paris, tattooing has changed a lot over the years and a lot of work is seen as a form of art. Now, there won’t be a Zatista Tattoo Parlour opening up anytime soon, but Zatista has a wealth of original art, some of it inspired by body art and tattoos.

Rhy by Marie Vlasic Painting, Oil on Wood Panel 48.0 inch x 24.0 inch $5,850

With jaunting sailor shapes and dreamy watercolors, tattoo-inspired art is all the range. It can be diverse and beautiful. Whether it shows people with tattoos or popular images associated with body art, getting inked and spreading ink have never been more linked.

Rubino Logo Tattoo Skull by Tony Rubino Mixed Media on Canvas 24.0 inch x 16.0 inch $1,465

The popularity of tattoos and tattoo culture is only growing. In 2002, “tattoo” was one of the most popular google search terms. According to History of Tattoos, 45 million Americans currently have tattoos, and that number is increasing. Whether you already have full sleeves or shudder at the idea of a needle, tattoo inspired art can be broadly appealing. Admiring tattoos is not just for those that have them, it’s for everyone. (The upside of the latter is there’s no commitment!) Unlike an actual tattoo, if your tastes change, art can be temporary. Skip a trip to your local tattoo studio and head on over to Zatista where art may not be permanent, but it sure is beautiful. 

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