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Mix Your Media When Collecting Art
Mix Your Media When Collecting Art

Water Flow by Melissa McGill Acrylic on Canvas, 12.0 x 12 $330

Do you have a favorite medium that you tend to go for when collecting art? If so, that’s okay! Just consider mixing it up once in a while so you don’t end up having all paintings, or all photographs on every wall. If you’ve already purchased a painting or two, think next about drawings, photography or hand printed works. Once you’ve acquired several pieces spanning a variety of mediums, you’ll see how nicely they mix together throughout your space. Mixing mediums also looks great on a multi piece gallery wall installation. Have fun combining mediums. You’ll find the variety creates a synergy you’ll love!

Deer In The Bathroom-2 by Vikram Kushwah Photograph, 35.4 x 29.1 inches $1,588

Untitled by Christina Massey Hand Printed Work, Linocut, 30 x 22 inches $820

My three graces by Andrew Bator Drawing, Pen & Ink on Paper, 39 x 27 inches

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