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Hello December!
Hello December!

December 1940 by Stephanie Berry Oil on Canvas, 16 x 12 $350

Tomorrow is December 1. How did this happen? I think I’m in shock. I hear snow is starting to fall in the north and the hustle and bustle of the holidays is here, at least according to the decorated street lamps in my town.

White Stairs by Dan Lavric Photograph, 46 x 31 $2,500

For me, the best part of this time of year is the quality time together with friends and family. However, I am well aware that festivities and family time may not be the cat’s meow for everyone.

A Winter’s night by Linda Yurgensen Oil on Canvas, 12 x 24 $614

December Snow, City Hall by Ellen Bradshaw Oil on Canvas, 30 x 40 $3,850

Maybe getting away from it all works best for some? Either way, we will soon be marking the close of another year and looking forward to a new chapter called 2018. Just letting that sink in is what I need to do right now! How about you?

Pine Cone Trio by Stephanie Berry Oil on Canvas, 12 x 16 $275

Let’s hope these image help us all get in the mood for whatever lies ahead. Happy December!

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