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Fall Color
Fall Color

Fall Leaves by Jean Lurssen Watercolor on Paper 6.8″ x 5″, $95

Since it’s the middle of October, folks should be surrounded by fall color right now.

Fall Blaze by Stephanie Berry Painting, Oil on Canvas 12 x 12, $300

However, it’s been so warm in the southeast lately that our fall color still isn’t here.

Texas Fall by Fikry Botros Photograph, Archival Ink Jet 17 x 22, $430

Because of the lingering humidity and warm days, I find myself yearning for the vivid oranges, ambers, and golds of this season.

Falling for Color by Marty Husted Painting, Oil on Wood Panel 16 x 20, $670

Walk Into Glory by Mike Grandmaison Photograph, Archival Ink Jet 26 x 40, $1,936

I guess I’ll just have to get my need for color met here on Zatista.com by browsing original artwork that fits the bill.

Fall’s Palette by Kit Hevron Mahoney Painting, Oil on Canvas 48 x 36, $5,175

How about you? Are you surrounded by fall color right now?

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Fall Color Fall Color
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