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Melt Your Heart With Pet Art

My New Pet by Sharon France $1,190

We hear all the time that “pets are family too!” From the Grandma who takes her dog everywhere, to the house down the street with six cats crowded in the bay window, pets are cherished companions in the homes of many.

Boxer by Michel Keck $900

For the one(s) who hold a special place in your life, why not display some art in your home that represents their significance to you?

A New Pet by Gabriela DeLamater $200

It’s always fun when you first bring home a new pet. For kids, they gather round and swoon over “how cute” it is! “A New Pet” by Gabriela DeLamater captures that exciting moment.

Edward. Commission your pet portrait! by Brian Nash $315

“Edward” is a fun painting by Brian Nash of a sweet pup. Did you know that you can also commission your pet portrait? He will paint your pet’s portrait from your own photos!

Solid Gold Cat by Dwayne Wolff $80

Philip and Friends by Stephanie Berry $775

Do you have a dog, cat, fish, or some kind of exotic animal that is family to you? Find them their own special piece of art to hang in your home, only at Zatista.com!

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Exotic Animals Exotic Animals
I don’t know about you, but as a child, I thought a gorilla would be the perfect pet. Think about it: they’re big enough to cuddle, with long fur that would be fun to play with, plus you could dress it up in cute outfits. To me, that would be the best pet ever, but for my mother much less so. In the end, we settled on a hermit crab, but I never stopped thinking about the gorilla that never was ...
The Song of Spring The Song of Spring
This time of year, birds are making our hearts flutter. Whether in flight or singing, birds seem to be a particularly meaningful sign of Spring. Birds have been depicted in art throughout the ages, often evoking love or a distinct dislike by viewers. We fall in the camp of bird fans. Bird imagery can be especially provocative mixed in to a gallery wall, in a sun room, at the beach house, cabin or cottage. A little bit of nature indoors can soften the environment and remind us ...