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What Is Pop Art?

Pas Une Pipe by Laurentiu Todie $1,025

Pop art is growing more and more in popularity. But what is it? To put it simply, pop art is defined as “art based on modern popular culture and the mass media, especially as a critical or ironic comment on traditional fine art values.” With everything going on in the world with politics and the media, pop art has flooded the art world. It’s easy to see why!

Con Artist by Jeff Schaller $315

This fun and funky art is inviting, tells a story, and can often give a good chuckle when needed. Just look at “Con Artist” by Jeff Schaller. It’s “punny” and cartoonish all at once.

Beagle by Michel Keck $600

Pop art can be cute, too! Check out “Beagle” by Michael Keck. Who doesn’t love a darling puppy?

DJ Dog by Brian Nash $500

Owligator from the Sky by Will Eskridge $390

If you’re already on board the pop art bandwagon, then you know just how fun collecting art like this can be. If you’re not familiar with it, then just go to Zatista.com and search “pop art” to see more art like this and get collecting!

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