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Art’s Got the Blues

The Blue Gibson by Valerie Vescovi $170

We hope you don’t already have the winter blues. But if you do, you’re not the only one! The color of the sky, the sea, the blue jay on your windowsill in springtime, or the icicles of winter, the color blue can represent many different things. It can be deep, mysterious, and can cool off any warm room with its presence. Here are some of my favorite pieces of “blue art” available only at Zatista.

Blue bull by Geoff Bell-Devaney $525

“Blue Bull” by Geoff Bell-Devaney is a beautiful mix of blues, enticing its audience with its fierce stare. It’s abstract and contemporary, adding a rich pop of color to any room.

lone star bus – blue by Bruce Reinfeld $15,995

“Lone Star Bus – Blue” by Bruce Reinfeld is another favorite. It brings an antique flare with a touch of Texas. The blue and complimentary orange in the photograph create synergy and make one stunning picture!

Blue Fantasy by Humberto Vidal $530

“Blue Fantasy” by Humberto Vidal is tranquility at its finest. The soft touches of blue throughout this photograph are quiet and serene, bringing a sense of calm.

La Lune Lumiere Bleue by Valerie Vescovi $1,350

What color speaks most to you? The color blue is one of my favorites and Zatista offers plenty of blue art for your collection!

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