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Art For Breakfast

I want my Maypo by Brian Nash $1,500

Growing up, what did mom say was the most important meal of the day? Breakfast, of course! If you’re like me, you wake up hungry and half asleep. A good kick of coffee with a side of pancakes is sure to wake me up! So why not enjoy some lovely, fun breakfast art while you’re at it?

“Breakfast Sunshine” by Julie Wende $415

Naturally, coffee is known to be a breakfast beverage but it can be enjoyed any time of day. This makes it a perfect fit for the home as you can admire art like “Morning Coffee” in the morning, noon, or evening hours.

Morning Coffee by Nadia NL $360.90

Although other foods may be seen as “breakfast items” – like eggs, they too are wonderful (and filling!) at any time. Have you ever had breakfast for dinner? It’s one of my favorite supper meals!

Contemplating My Future Over Breakfast by Terrece Beesley $1,775

My First Time by Lorenzo Laiken $140

Whether you wake up with oatmeal, eggs, bacon, or toast, the options are endless when it comes to breakfast items that can wake you up just by looking at them. Browse more of the best kind of art to start your day, here at Zatista!

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