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Green Fingers

The Garden by Derek Olson $1,109.82

The sun is coming out, rain showers are scattered, and seeds are being planted. Is gardening a passion of yours or do you know someone with “green fingers”?

Potted Plants by Stephanie Berry $975

Spring is the time of rebirth and a time to plant new seeds. Gardening has always been something that I’ve wanted to do, but have never done. There’s a first time for everything though! I have empty pots sitting on the deck now just waiting for their soil.

Hydrangeas #2 by John Kilduff $3,100

Blue Corn by Jan and Jo Moore $90

What to plant? I love daisies and wildflowers, but what about practical things like herbs and vegetables?

Garden Woodpecker from bee things by Bee Things $42.50

It’s time to tackle the garden, which means it’s time to make your home match the season. Plant your seeds and change up the walls with original paintings, photography, hand made prints and garden art from Zatista.com.

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