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Art That Soars

Birds In Fog by Nicholas Bell $172

Some of the most serene and curious animals are birds. While many interpret them as a representation of freedom, many birds carry a different meaning. Birds are used in art, movies, and books to represent a variety of emotions.

Snowy Soulmates by Kenny McClellan $225

Owls typically represent wisdom. Their big, bright eyes and slight turn of their head can lead to an eerie feeling too. Beautiful creatures.

Prelude by Ralph Verano $150

Crows are used often in gothic art forms, like “Prelude” by Ralph Verano. Their imagery can be hauntingly dark and mysterious.

Blue Bird by Geoff Bell-Devaney $575

Typically calming, blue birds are thought to represent spiritual joy and contentedness. Seeing one of these perched outside my window usually makes doing dishes a little nicer.

The Eagle And The City by Will Eskridge $450

My personal favorite, the eagle, is the American symbol for freedom. It is strong and courageous – sheer beauty in stillness or flight.

midcentury bird by Stacy Rajab $73

Decorating your home with “flying” art can bring a variety of emotions to any room. What do you want your home to represent? Check out more selections at Zatista.com.

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