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The World of Dance

Dance Rehearsal by James Wiley $225

The world of dance is full of technical ballerinas and sexy salsa pairs. There are critical instructors and perfectionists, tutus and pointed toes, but every dancer at their root shares the same few things: the passion to perform, to entertain, to inspire.

Ballerina in brown by Pavel Kasparek $175

My parents would say that I danced before I walked. I took classes for twelve years, everything from ballet to jazz to hip hop, and I loved it. I breathed it. I wholeheartedly understand the world of dance.

Let’s Dance by Valerie Vescovi $220

Original art that dances into your home can inspire the dancer in you. In a little girl’s room, a portrait of a ballerina can have her twirling in her tutu, dreaming of the spotlight. In another room, a ballroom couple could bring some spice into your love life when the music comes on.

Street dancer II by Igor Shulman $1,440

Whether it moves you to tears or moves you to the beat, the world of dance is worth diving into. We all like to move a little bit now and then. Find the perfect photograph, painting or piece of original artwork that will get you dancing, here at Zatista.com.

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