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Figure Art

The Sleepover by Jill English is SOLD

For centuries, artists have drawn, sculpted, and painted images of the human figure. The way their hair is falling, a freckle on the skin, or the way a single pointed finger is illustrated can bring the image to life.

Daylight by Irjan Moussin $1,602.51

Female figures tend to be popular, dressing up or dressing down in a variety of ways. Art like “The Couch” by Daniel Grant hints at seduction, leaving a bit of mystery by not revealing the woman’s face.

the couch by Daniel Grant $520

Many of these images have a purpose. As Nicholas Robertson says of “A Private Man,” this painting is of a man “who is beginning to realize that his best physical days are behind him.”

A Private Man by Nicholas Robertson $1,620

Model by J.K Chillar $529

Can the long loved subjectmatter of the human figure find its way into your home? What room needs a little more of a “lively” touch? Ponder that while you browse the selections of figure art at Zatista.com.

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