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Shiny Fast Cars

Dodge Charger by Benjamin Self $260

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks car shopping and I think I had forgotten how exhausting it is! Dealers are pulling us in every direction, throwing us curve balls with cars we never would have considered, and it’s somewhat inspiring. I’m learning a lot and have come to have a newfound fascination with cars.

Celestial Rider by Anthony dunphy $452

My favorites are the shiny red ones. The fast ones. I’m dreaming, of course, but aren’t they pretty to look at?

Retro races by Igor Shulman $1,240

I’ve become slightly obsessed with “makes” and logos too. The styles and designs of some of these cars are incredible.

Cadillac Beach by Oscar Rivera $232

And minivans with side doors that magically open with the push of a button? My new love! Looks like I’m a soccer mom at heart.

VW Microbus 02 by Jon Bidwell $59

Are you dreaming of a new car that will take you on wild adventures? Something fast or something practical? Get inspired by decorating with that same passion in your home. Let Zatista help you bring the speed and sleekness of the road indoors!

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