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Easter Sunday

Anemone by Louise Baker $685

Easter is approaching in just a couple weeks! The holiday is observed by many and can mean something different to everyone. I love decorating for every holiday and Easter is no exception – there is plenty of art available at Zatista.com that could help bring Easter into your home.

Easter Blue by Karyn Meyer-Berthel $275

Do you color eggs with your family? This was one of my favorite traditions as a child. We would color the eggs and then my parents would plant them in the yard for us to search for!

Backyard Chickens by Bronle Crosby $435

Attending church on Easter Sunday is also a popular tradition, since it is recognized worldwide as a religious holiday.

Zion Church by Steve Knotts $925

Of course, there is the infamous symbol of Easter himself: the Easter bunny! Art like “Bunny Alien” combines the touch of nature with the elements of Easter.

bunny alien by federico cortese $295

Oil Pastel Drawing No.3 by Mineko Yoshida $99

Whether you choose to decorate with pastels or symbolic art, there is something for everyone who celebrates Easter at Zatista.com!

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