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Colors That Pop

Abstract 8791 by Laura Spring $390

Have you ever walked into a room and felt like the art was jumping right off the walls at you? Bold and colorful art can make a great statement while bringing the room to life.

Abstract Dispersion by Cristina Stefan $360

When people imagine bold art, often they think of abstract art. Abstract art is known for its bright splashes of color, but it is not the only style that offers colorful work. Take “Landscape with Purple Trees” by Jeff Ferst, for instance. This could easily stand out in any room:

Landscape with Purple Trees by Jeff Ferst $500

“Expansive Landscape in Spain” is a beautiful photograph, which also offers vibrant colors:

Expansive Landscape in Spain by James Conley $245

Abstract art is still one of my favorite styles when it comes to making a room brighter. Take a white wall and make it pop with “Curio” by Hal Mayforth:

Curio by Hal Mayforth $850

We’ve all seen rooms that are drab and boring – with walls that are screaming for a canvas to lighten the mood. One small (or big) painting from Zatista could do just that!

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