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Colors of the Rainbow

image via http://www.desiretoinspire.net

Image via www.homeadore.com

Color blocking, the art of layering together bold, single-shade items, is a popular fashion trend that has made its way to decor. Works with one bold color statement can be the perfect accent for a color-blocked layout. Find examples below in a rainbow of colors:


Big Blue by Steven Miller on Zatista.com


Coral on Red by Karin Lowney-seed on Zatista.com


Pink Bird by Geoff Bell-Devaney on Zatista.com


Violet Vista by Jon Glaser on Zatista.com


Green with Envy by Montgomery Gilchrist on Zatista.com


Bot by Sandra Boskamp


Field Landscape in Browns and Cremes by Kaileen Burke on Zatista.com

Single color dominant pieces can be found across all mediums. Give your space a fun modern feel with your favorite colors. Try your hand at color blocking with these and other great works using Zatista’s color search tool.

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