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All That Glitters

Awards season is upon us! Starting with the Golden Globes on January 11, it will be one glittery awards gala after the next. In the spirit of the many shiny gold trophies that will be given out in the next few months, here is a selection of gilded artworks to brighten up your space.

214 Golden Sea by Anne B Schwartz $1,010 on Zatista.com

THEIA’S LIGHT by Rich Moyers $535 on Zatista.com

Gus by Karin Lowney-seed $620 on Zatista.com

Natural Impressions 413 by Max Rodriguez $164 on Zatista.com

Angel Angel by Edward Zelinsky $1,340 on Zatista.com

Iridescence #2 by Marco Aurelio $1,000 on Zatista.com

Isadora by Marilyn Kalish $430 on Zatista.com

Panning for Gold by Bill Russell $195 on Zatista.com

Add a luxe feel to any room with these shimmering works. Man has long coveted this precious metal and has used it in art for centuries. Gold paint certainly draws the eye in any shade. Make a statement this awards season with a little glimmer of luxury.

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