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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

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“New Year, New You”; each January, this phrase is embedded in our brains, only to stealthily slip away in the upcoming weeks and months, when our old habit once again rears its ugly head. Advertisements claim to have the secret ingredient to self-improvement, and that with an updated wardrobe, fit body or patient demeanor, your life will change for the better. However, maybe it’s not all your fault. Maybe you need to start your spring cleaning early this year.

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Think of who you surround yourself with. Is there someone specific who consistently has a negative attitude or disposition? Does that negativity affect you?

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Even more importantly: Is there someone close to you who is hindering you from reaching your goals?

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If you answer “yes” to either of these questions, then perhaps it’s time to weed out the ones worth keeping from the ones worth forgetting about. People can change, when given the proper incentive; it’s rare, but possible. But don’t waste more precious time on someone you’re wishy-washy about.

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Though the “New Year” calls for a clean slate, it still seems like an inopportune time to let go of a loved one: the days are cold, gray and depressing, and Valentine’s Day is looming ahead of us. However, it’s important to stay focused on your own happiness, even if that means ridding yourself of anyone in your life who is a danger to it. It’s difficult; everyone has good qualities, which makes it both hard to leave someone (you’ll miss their adorable smile!), and easy to find someone – you’ll soon be able to find someone else with qualities you enjoy just as much, if not more. So don’t be discouraged by the thought of being lonely; sometimes, a little alone time can yield clarity.

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A few days (weeks, months) of loneliness beats a lifetime of regret, every time. Don’t let the sickly-sweet smell of drugstore chocolate or the shininess of over-glittery cards sway you from your negativity detox. Let this year be the year about pursuing your own interests and goals; if you’re seriously considering voting someone off the island, then that person is probably only thinking of themselves anyway. Before you completely surrender to a committed relationship, it’s important you first achieve the professional or personal goals you set for yourself – or at least, are with someone who supports your path.

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So take a few risks, and start with getting rid of the toxic people in your life – even if you thought they were there for good, it’s never too late for a positive change. Aspire for the things you’ve been wanting to do, but couldn’t, while they were in your life. You deserve everything you want, and more, regardless of what anyone else tells you!

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