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Statement Pieces

Sometimes all you need is one statement piece of artwork to complete a room. Large-scale works draw the eye and electrify the space they occupy. Here are some bright, bold examples:

Measuring 30” x 60”, this luminous work is eye-catchingly colorful and would add a burst of warmth to any room.

Seascape at Sunset by Cristina Stefan on Zatista.com

This kaleidoscopic abstract measures 36” x 48”. With its rich tones and soft lines, this work would compliment many color palettes.

City Lights by Thong Le on Zatista.com

The strong lines and bursts of color add visual interest to this large work, measuring 44” x 34”. The overall neutral palette keeps the neon shades fun and not overwhelming.

Sailing at Newport by William Kendall on Zatista.com

Measuring approximately 47” x 47”, this muted abstract may be large, but its subdued shades and rounded lines make for a soothing visual.

Reaching Summit by Andrea Rowbotham on Zatista.com

At 48” x 48” this mammoth work demands attention with its simplicity. The deep red tones stunningly contrast the single vibrant blue line.

Spirit by Chris Claussen on Zatista.com

This installation measures 47” x 100”. The geometric patterning and lively hues coupled with sheer size would add energy to any location.

Dancing Circles in 32 by Rosemary Pierce on Zatista.com

This multi-hued figural work measures 35” x 45”. The brilliant blues and splashes of brighter tones provide many color options when designing a space.

Icon #4 by Steve Alderton on Zatista.com

Measuring 40” x 36”, this lovely abstract adds a burst of resplendent purple and gentle energy to a room, while also maintaining a neutral base.

Meadow Saffron by Lisa Carney on Zatista.com

Of course, photographs can be statement pieces as well. This quiet image measures 47” x 31”. With blue overtones and contrasts of dark and light, this work draws focus in a reserved and dignified manner.

The Point of No Return by Dan Lavric on Zatista.com

For the bold, or for those that desire a commanding art presence in the room, large-scale works like these make a perfect statement.

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