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Travels With Art

If you find yourself wanting to get away, but don’t have the time or money, Art can provide you with a destination. For centuries, Art has been used to depict what people cannot be physically present to see. Choose your ideal getaway and find some inspiring art to take you there! Art can take you around the world to some of these exotic locations:

Villa Hadrian, Tivoli by William London on Zatista.com

Jerusalem- Western Wall by Kobby Dagan on Zatista.com

Big Ben by Simon Fairless on Zatista.com


Art can also take you to simple, less well-known places. Locations that will not attract throngs of tourists, but are perhaps still worth discovering:

Instant Car Wash, Pittsburgh, PA by Joel Degrand on Zatista.com

Nowheresville, USA by Lorenzo Laiken on Zatista.com

Doorway- Obidos, Portugal by Keith Gerling on Zatista.com

Art can help transport you to peaceful, zen settings that soothe your spirit or inspire you:

Riverbank, Smoky Mountains, 2014 by Nicholas Bell on Zatista.com

520501 Konnie Kim_Corona del Mar, Newport Beach by Konnie Kim on Zatista.com

Early Morning, Yosemite by Jacquelyn Sloane Siklos on Zatista.com

Shin Pond Maine by Thurston Howes on Zatista.com

No matter what mood you are trying to create, or where you are trying to go, Art can deliver you there. Explore the possibilities and start your travels!



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