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Movement draws the eye. In art, it requires a more active participation from the viewer. Whether it is the depiction or anticipation of movement, artists can convey motion in their work in a variety of ways.

This early abstracted work by Marcel Duchamp depicts a figure in motion. The repetitive shapes and angles lead the eye forward in a blur of movement:

Nude Descending a Staircase (No. 2) by Marcel Duchamp

Using soft lines and figural positioning, the graceful, pastel dancers flutter and twirl across the stage in this Impressionist work by Edgar Degas:

Dancers by Edgar Degas

The multiple diagonals and varied angles in this lively painting lead the eye rapidly across the canvas, mimicking a frenzy of movement:


Hot Salsa by Valerie Vescovi on Zatista.com

The flowing, winding lines of this sculpture simulate graceful, sensual movement as the curves and flares lead the eye slowly upward:

“Captivated” by Daryl Stokes on Zatista.com

This unique aerial perspective and blurred outline give the motion of a brisk stride to the central figure:

Parisian Woman With Shopping Bag by Warren Keating on Zatista.com

Contrasted with the stable stone base, the twisting metal spiral holds kinetic energy. It appears to burst forth from the stone in a swirl of motion:


Twister IV by David Smalley on Zatista.com

Motion can also be captured in a photograph. This stunning work creates the sensation of a feathery mass of clouds rushing towards you:


Clouds over the San Juan by Tom Reed on Zatista.com

With a few simple strokes, the artist constructs the erratic flight path of the tiny hummingbird, imbuing this abstract work with energy:

Hummingbird by Charles E. Hellwig on Zatista.com

The flowing lines and subtle blues give this work the soothing sensation of an underwater plant rippling gently in the current:


Coldwater 106 by Chase Longford on Zatista.com

Liven up any space with an artwork full of energy and movement. There are endless possibilities!

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  1. Laurentiu Todie
    October 24, 2014 at 12:51 pm

    You have an artist (moi : ) who sometimes deals with motion in Duchamp (well… Muybridge’s fashion) but personal style.



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