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Think Outside The Frame

When we think of Art, often the first thing that comes to mind is a painting on a canvas. These standard size rectangles have served artists well for hundreds of years. However, for artists today, the sky is the limit. Many creative individuals have found innovative ways to break free of the standard flat canvas.

This work, made up of painted wood strips arranged on canvas, creates a simple yet engaging 3D pattern:

Scaling Condescension by Rich Moyers on Zatista.com

Reminiscent of the stunning altarpieces of the Renaissance, this modern take on a classic adds visual allure to the collage with a pointed wooden panel:

Broken Hearted
by Darlene Olivia McElroy on Zatista.com

This circular photo is printed on silk, adding a soothing sheen to its already serene shape:


Portal 2- Reflection by Marilyn Henrion on Zatista.com

This assemblage of found industrial equipment has stimulating layers of depth, color and texture:

Take It Or Leave It by Michel Keck on Zatista.com

This vibrant, lyrical sculpture composed of a myriad of painted wooden sticks would add life to any setting:

Sticks Sculpture in Wood & Multicolor by Rosemary Pierce on Zatista.com

This lovely abstract work is made all the more captivating by its unusual half-circle shape:

Orb 7 by Hayden Phelps on Zatista.com

This fun and colorful work uses painted wood pieces to break the plane of the canvas and create a compelling silhouette:

All That Jazz by Betty McGeehan on Zatista.com

Channeling Mondrian, these colorful wooden panels are playfully arranged like LEGO blocks to create an interesting and unusual shape:

Construction 12.12 by McCain McMurray on Zatista.com

Shake up your original art collection with something unexpected!

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