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Hello Again, Autumn!

Autumn by Emily Farmer on Zatista.com

Autumn is officially here. Though Summer has a lot to offer, the end of Summer isn’t necessarily a bad thing — a new season means a fresh start. Anything you regretted last Fall is irrelevant: this is a chance to learn from your mistakes, mend what is broken, and keep moving forward, toward the future you see for yourself — which is, hopefully, the future you want for yourself.

Great Lakes Fall by William Webster on Zatista.com

Maybe this Summer wasn’t the best for you; maybe you ate one too many 4th of July themed cookies and gained a few pounds, while your arch nemesis ran the New York Marathon in two hours. Summer can be wonderful; it can mean beautiful weather, outdoor concerts, and relaxing afternoons at the beach.

Steeping Brilliance by Kit Hevron Mahoney on Zatista.com

However, Summer can be overrated. If you live in a metropolis (or in America’s Northeast, for example), you were probably overrun by hordes of slow-moving tourists; If you work in a beach town, maybe you spent your summer catering to sunburned out-of-towners instead of your usual fellow residents. Or, maybe the love of your life ran away with the neighborhood lifeguard. Either way, I think perhaps we shouldn’t be so sad to see Summer go.

Moving Color by Marty Husted on Zatista.com

Autumn has so much more to give than meets the eye. Fashion season is in full swing; fashion powerhouses put their best foot forward to present their latest designs for the Fall/Winter collection, so there is never a shortage of beautiful, avant garde clothes.

Vivaldi’s Autumn III by Tai Zhang on Zatista.com

Pears are coming back into season, apple picking is in full swing, and soon, we’ll all be able to partake in a hayride through a pumpkin patch. Which brings me to my next point — Pumpkin pie alone makes Autumn worth it.

Autumn Brilliance by Silvia Trujillo on Zatista.com

Not only that, but think of this: the Holidays are coming. The Holidays beat summer, hands-down. Halloween is the one day a year you can be anyone you want to be, and Thanksgiving and Christmas mean ample vacation time, good food, and reuniting with extended family members.

Autumn Pathway by Anthony Dunphy on Zatista.com

But for now, let’s focus on the positives of this Post – Summer/Pre-Fall Limbo: New York Fashion Week, Fall foliage, Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks (if you’re into that sort of thing), and most of all, a fresh start. Circumstances are changing, people are coming and going. This may be a motive to make a much needed change your life, even if you just start small.

Gingko Redux Limited Edition by Stephen Kutos on Zatista.com

Speaking of Fall foliage, prime photo-taking time is coming up. Some Zatista artists have already captured the magic of Fall foliage. Changes, even the smallest ones, may be prompted by a positive addition to your surroundings, so these gorgeous photographs and paintings celebrating the changing seasons may be the perfect addition to your sanctuary, whether that be your bedroom or kitchen. Whatever the case may be, I urge you to not mourn the loss of Summer so much: you might miss out on the best of Fall!

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