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O Those Magical Windows

Ever notice how the window displays at Anthropologie are completely out-of-this-world-awesome? Every time I go by, or go in (and sacrifice my pocket book to the altar of color, pattern and style) I just want to go live inside the magical world of those windows.

photo: plentyofcolour.com

Sure, I notice the clothes on the mannequins and often buy them, but in my heart of hearts the clothes are just a gateway to the amazing 3D artwork that frames them.

photo: plentyofcolour.com

Masterpieces of form, composition and color made from brilliant installations of objects ranging from ordinary found objects to marshmallows, these artful window displays always capture my interest and attention. Who’s with me here?

photo: plentyofcolour.com

I don’t know the story behind the artists who come up with the concepts or the artists who install the work, but I do know it sounds like a really fun job and these artists have imaginations that are inspiring people every day in cities across the country.

photo: plentyofcolour.com

Look at that color! Don’t you just want to eat it up? And also buy that jacket?

photo: plentyofcolour.com

If you are privy to Anthropologie’s secrets of fabulous window installation art – do tell. Anthropologie lovers here on WallSpin want to know. We like our original art on our walls at home, AND in our favorite stores. Thanks, Anthro – you could have been just another store with ordinary windows, but no – you take windows to another level.  Anthro – we love art and we love you!


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  1. chris dreux
    April 26, 2013 at 11:59 am

    I fully agree with your comment ! I am very found of Anthro mostly for their arty scenery and the power of their coloured design

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