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Humor in Art

It is often said that the power of great art is in its ability to evoke emotion. People speak of its capacity to shock, awe, inspire, and bring joy.

Sometimes the art world can feel like an exclusive club, a gated community and a silo of culture reserved only for those who are in the know. Although Zatista and other progressive organizations have been working hard to share incredible art with the world and break down boundaries, this perception still exists in some circles. Oftentimes, alongside this feeling of exclusivity comes a certain air of seriousness. While seriousness and somber emotions are valuable, the world of art is, of course, far broader.

Idiot Talking on the Phone by Jed Williams on Zatista.com

Once we take art back to an emotional level, the spectrum with which we classify it increases infinitely and truly opens up to match the breadth of the spectrum of our emotions. One very important emotion that (although present in many places) seems to be quite easily forgotten in others, is humor. Humor and art have a very strong connection.

Visual art is frequently used as a vehicle to push boundaries. It can be controversial, and often some of the leading thoughts at the forefront of society are manifested in cathartic artistic expression. Humor is also a powerful medium and is frequently a means for pushing boundaries.

First Cup by Ralph Verano on Zatista.com

So, let’s open up our artistic horizons to truly explore how it can make us feel and laugh a little along the way. Let’s embrace humor in art, whether it is pushing boundaries or simply just because it is fun or funny. Images are very effective for conveying humor. Share with us here on Zatista the art that brings a smile to your face.

The Show Must Go On by Ralph Verano on Zatista.com


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