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Flag Waving

Old Glory by Kit Hevron Mahoney on zatista.com

Unless you don’t have access to a television, newspapers, or any other information source, you may have noticed that we are in an election year. With the two big party conventions behind us and the actual decision process still ahead, the choosing of our next president has already involved a lot of red, white, and blue flashing before our eyes with more to be expected.  For a welcome change of pace, courtesy of Zatista artists, here is a little non-partisan flag waving in the name of art, not politics:

Stripes and Stars by Lesley Spanos on zatista.com

One way or another, most of us have a strong reaction to the sight of our country’s flag. The presence of the American flag unfurled in a painting can add an extra nostalgic and patriotic touch to a simple scene of a country fair,

Liberty Wave by Jenifer Childs on zatista.com

or breathe new life into a classic view of a famous statue with its own inherent historic associations.

American Guardian by Jennifer Childs on zatista.com

Many of us think of the American flag as it is pictured above, on a clear day, on a tall flagpole blowing freely in the wind, and worthy of being the central subject of an artwork, in fact, an artwork in itself.

This is America III by Kevin Brewerton on zatista.com

The stars and stripes are so recognizable that even in an abstract depiction, the flag evokes a response. Not surprisingly, this iconic item appears often and in many forms throughout the history of American art.  It can represent war or peace, home or longing for home, freedom or belonging, none or all of the above, making it a powerful emotional and visual symbol. Whatever our individual background or system of beliefs, the flag is one thing we can agree on – even in an election year.

Brian Sylvester is a guest blogger on WallSpin, and an artist on Zatista.


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