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Maddie on Things – A Dog as Art?

Houston, TX by Theron Murphy

It’s the newest craze that’s sweeping the Internet. It’s Maddie On Things!

17 March 2012 by Theron Murphy

Billed as a “super serious project about dogs and physics” (do I detect a note of sarcasm here?), this blog is a traveling show of sorts. Maddie’s owner, photographer Theron Humphrey, will be hitting all 50 states over the next 365 days with his noble hound in tow.

Austin, TX by Theron Murphy

How he gets Maddie to balance the way she does, is what I want to know. I mean, the photos are gorgeous and she is certainly adorable, but come on man, out with the secret. I have a giant coonhound of my own, and he won’t balance on our kitchen floor for long. In the blink of an eye he’s on his side, jowels flapping everywhere, howling in his sleep. I even tried to show him this website, but he just passed out next to me on the couch.

Cedar Creek, TX by Theron Murphy

Austin, TX by Theron Murphy

I digress, but you can follow Maddie’s incredible adventures at maddieonthings.com.

Tulsa, OK by Theron Murphy

Okesa, OK by Theron Murphy

What type of photography captures your attention these days? We may not have Maddie, but we have lots of great images here on Zatista!




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