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10 Ways to Make a New St(ART)

New Beginning 1 by Konnie Kim on zatista.com

Now that that the holidays are over and the season of making good on resolutions has begun, here are ten ways to bring more art into your life in 2012:

1.  Visit a museum or gallery – Museums and galleries are perfect spots for artistic inspiration and a low cost or even free way to spend an afternoon.

2.  Attend a lecture – Lectures are often intellectually stimulating no matter what the subject is, be it an artist’s talk or art historical exposé.

Abandon by Laura Carter on zatista.com

3.  Take a class or workshop – Most communities offer a wide variety of classes and workshops. If you’ve wanted to try your hand at creating some of your own art or crafts, this is the perfect way to start.

4.  Volunteer at a cultural institute or community center – Volunteers at museums and cultural centers are usually given free passes to events and shows. This is a great opportunity for a wide exposure to all types of art while helping to keep these institutions strong.

Tall Grasses - Blue by Michelle Han on zatista.com

5.  Check out some of the many wonderful art zines and artists blogs online – The internet is full of art blogs and zines, and most offer an unflinching view on the art community around the globe.

6.  Rent a movie about an artist’s life – There are many documentaries and biopics about artists out there.  Spend an evening and get to know your favorite.

Eucalyptus by Mary Lea Bradley on zatista.com

7.  Set aside daily time to create something (anything) and don’t forget to have fun – It only takes a few minutes each day to create something unique. Remember, practice makes perfect!

8.  Fill your coffee table with oversized art books – Go to your local bookstore and browse the bargain section. You can often find art books at a fraction of the original price.

Theater Crowd, King Street by Jacquelyn Sloane Siklos on zatista.com

9.  Take a walk with full attention to your surroundings – Both the city and the country are full of examples of artistic forms, natural and manmade, very much like a museum on the go.

10.  Last but not least, buy original art from Zatista.com – Zatista is the Internet’s premiere source for original art. With new additions added weekly, there is something for every taste.  Enjoy!

Brian Sylvester is a guest blogger on WallSpin, and an artist on Zatista.

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