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Between the Lines

Stripes. Are they in? Or are they out? They were supposed to take the Spring/Summer 2011 runways by storm, but that was ages ago in the space-time continuum of fashion. Who knows if they’re officially still in favor? After all, these trends are so highly time sensitive. What I do know is no matter what planet you’re on, no matter what year it is, no matter what the season, stripes are everywhere. You simply cannot escape the stripe.

Missoni leather-trimmed striped bracelet net-a-porter.com

Whether it’s a designer bracelet,

Jonathan Adler iPad cover jonathanadler.com

a whimsical iPad cover,

Christian Louboutin Alta Trott christianlouboutin.com

or a budget-busting peep toe bootie, you can always rely on the stripe to say you’ve got style.

Wall Treatments: Say it With Stripes from Elle Decor photo: Thibault Jeanson

Here, lilac stripes offer a bold backdrop for artwork in an eclectic Paris salon decorated by Brussels-based designer Bruno de Caumont. Elle Decor says, “The [stripes] also help visually organize the array of art and objects.” OK, so not only are they fashionable, just look how helpful stripes can be!

Ordered Section by Lee Clarke on Zatista.com

I invite you to pause for a moment at home to take a personal stripe inventory. Sure, you’ve got striped shirts, plenty of striped socks, a few drawers full of striped underwear, several pieces of striped furniture, maybe even some stripey curtains. Who doesn’t? But do you have striped art? I thought not.

How Yellow and White are Made, 2011 by Lisa Caccioppoli on Zatista.com

If you’re looking to fill a void in your art collection where stripes are concerned, look no further than your favorite hip, on-line purveyor of original artwork. Zatista is smart, bold, fashionable, and playful. What more could you want when it comes to style for your walls?

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