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A Kid’s Perspective

Hilda Kovit cmany.org

A favorite place to take my daughter when we visit New York is the Children’s Museum of the Arts in SOHO. It’s a cheerful and stimulating art space set up for kids of all ages to explore their creative sides and experiment with art making materials.

Barry Harwich cmany.org

In addition to the art studio, CMA always has interesting artwork exhibited on their gallery walls. Last week a collection of 19 paintings created by children in the 1930s were put on display for the first time, alongside recent paintings created by local school children.

Maria Ingiotti cmany.org

According to The New York Times, “19 W.P.A. children’s paintings from New York were donated to the Children’s Museum of the Arts on Lafayette Street in SoHo. The Works Progress Administration kept artists employed during the Great Depression, teaching the masses. In New York City about 50,000 people a week, mostly children, took free painting and drawing classes at community centers.”

Vincent Cuttillo cmany.org

The Times continues, “The young artists captured details of their daily lives, like rivets on subway cars and filigree brackets on streetlights. They also imagined sandy beaches along the East River and sheep grazing below the Coney Island roller coaster. The teachers, a reporter wrote in 1937, “prefer slum neighborhood classes because they are ‘much more interesting.’ The work is more imaginative, more unexpected, more mature.”

E. Lane cmany.org

Whether or not you have tiny artists in tow, stop by CMA (either virtually or in person) and check out this unique art exhibit. Few things are as joyful and refreshing as seeing the world through a child’s eyes.

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