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According to Hyperallergic.com, “The buzz before Miami was that SEVEN Art Fair was going to be one event to watch, and that is certainly the case.”

entrance to the SEVEN art fair Photo: hyperallergic.com

Hyperallergic continues, “This indie fair made up of seven galleries (Pierogi Gallery, Hales Gallery, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, BravinLee programs, Postmasters Gallery, P·P·O·W, and Winkleman Gallery) with solid programs — and some art stars among them — has created a wonderful little side fair that has a well-organized area for video works (which is both inviting and well spaced), an area for the #Rank event (which we’ve mentioned before), rooms for work by various artists to talk to one another (some are better than others), but most importantly an attempt to let gallery stables collide and see what they could come up with together (most notably on one wall covered salon style with pieces from a whole constellation of “Seven” artists).”

Stardust 2010 by Adam Cvijanovic, Postmasters Gallery; flash acrylic paint on tyvek 12 x 30 feet

  • Adam Cvijanovic is a painter based in New York City. He paints large-scale views of city suburbs and landscapes onto Tyvek sheeting, which can be easily transported from place to place. His work is concerned with exposing the historical and enduring hubris of American culture, painting forms that depict the search for and physical manifestation of American power and success on a monumental scale.

Rescue Party by Robin Williams, PPOW Gallery

  • Robin F. Williams was born in 1984 in Columbus, Ohio, and began making oil paintings before she had learned to sign her name. Soon after abandoning her aspirations of becoming a mermaid, she decided instead to become an artist when she grew up. Since then, she’s spent most of her time painting pictures, playing softball, and cooking. She’s a recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and now resides in Brooklyn, New York.

two works by Christopher K. Ho, Winkleman Gallery

  • Mr. Ho is a conceptualist who uses art in many different forms to critique the art system…. In the Magritte-like gallery installation, Mr. Ho’s garden-variety neo-Marxist conceptualism comes surprisingly to life.”
—Ken Johnson, The New York Times, January 25, 2008.

a frame from Dance of Ordinariness by Trevor Appleson, Hales Gallery; a four-screen 45 min. film installation

  • Inspired by pioneering Victorian photographer Eadweard Muybridge’s famous collotype sequences of human figures in motion, Dance of Ordinariness is an ambitious new film and sound installation by South African born artist Trevor Appleson.

Heading over to the Verge fair next. Stay tuned for more updates!

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