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Illustrators: The Chameleons of the Art World

"Quail Bird" by Elizabeth Graeber on Zatista.com

You know that person in your life who you really love but they also kind of irk you because they’re so good at everything they do? They pick up juggling in a day and then turn around and whip up Bananas Foster like it ain’t no thing? Well, in the art world, illustrators are kind of like that.

Sure, a good illustrator can make a book come to life, but as I have learned lately, they are also the ultimate Jacks and Jills of all trades. For one reason or another I’ve come across a number of talented folks this summer who have distinguished themselves in one area of the art world–graphic designers, rock show poster artists, fashion designers, exhibiting artists–and yet identify themselves ultimately as illustrators.

"Yellow-Billed Cuckoo" by Elizabeth Graeber on Zatista.com

Here on Zatista we have a great example of the walking bundle of versatility that is an illustrator: Elizabeth Graeber. Her drawings of birds are quirky and stylized, but don’t allow yourself to be lulled into thinking of them as simple. Sure, she uses basic tools–pens, ink, watercolor–but if you look at her methods, especially the way she reproduces prints (screen printing), you see an artist wielding simplicity with savvy. In a very disarming way Elizabeth makes the most of the inconsistencies of the human hand and imperfections in the artistic process. It somehow says “favorite children’s book + favorite t-shirt + favorite album cover = would look great in your place or on a gallery wall.”

"Screech Owl" by Elizabeth Graeber on Zatista.com

If you’re looking for some outrageously affordable, lighthearted art for your home that has personality to burn, look for Elizabeth’s work or seek out other illustrators here on Zatista.

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  1. Tom Megalis
    August 13, 2010 at 11:41 am

    Really love her ink work. Elizabeth’s work is great. Love it.


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