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Chrissy Styles – Musings on Art and Fashion

I’m a fan of Chrissy Styles and her blog Chrissy Styles – Musings on Art and Fashion. As a former fashion editor at InStyle Magazine, Chrissy always has interesting and visually stimulating ideas to share. I find it impossible to be bored by this blog where you’ll find cocktail recipes, travel photos, and ice-cream-inspired outfits. I especially like her “Pockets and Paintings” series, where she presents an artist then creates an outfit inspired by their work. Sources on where to buy the clothes and accessories are listed too. It’s brilliant. Here are some examples below. What artwork inspires you? Tell us how!

artist Richard Phillips courtesy of chrissystyles.com

outfit inspired by Richard Phillips art courtesy of chrissystyles.com

artist Jakub Julian Ziolkowski courtesy of chrissystyles.com

outfit inspired by Jakub Julian Ziolkowski art courtesy of chrissystyles.com

artist Will Cotton courtesy of chrissystyles.com

outfit inspired by Will Cotton art courtesy of chrissystyles.com

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  1. Pati Springmeyer
    August 20, 2010 at 10:39 am

    I love the idea that the clothes we choose to wear, say a lot about how we choose to move through life. As a figurative painter, when I am thinking about a new idea for a painting, as I pose my models, and create the set up in which they will be, I am interested to see how changing the models gesture often results in a change of something else. Moving the body this way or that can create a very different mood, and I will be inspired to change the jewelry, or clothing or color of back drop. I also spend a lot thought in the morning, before going to my studio to start my work day, thinking and playing about what I’m going to wear. Much of an artist work is solitary so it seems odd to many of my artist friends that I do that. But, even within my studio, there is a whole world happening, and I want to look just the way I want to look while I’m in it. I love the connection Ms. Styles is making, between the mood of these paintings, and what outfits they inspire within her to create. I will check out her web site now, and, might even check out Zatista!

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