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1/4 Teaspoon of Strange

When you hear the term “animal print” you probably think of something like this:

Kate Moss in Leopard Print Coat

But at the moment I’m talking about something more like this:

William Wegman "No Fun Sleeping Under A Picture Like This+ Pink Elephants" 20x200.com

We all have our photos of Pooch and Kitty on the mantel at home, but animals in art don’t have to be cute.

Catherine Ledner "Camel" catherinesanimals.com

In fact, sometimes it’s more interesting when things get a little… strange. I’m not talking about really strange, I’m talking about a 1/4 tsp. of strange.

Catherine Ledner "Armadillo 1" catherinesanimals.com

Like how beets sometimes taste like dirt or how cilantro can taste like soap. Just strange enough to leave you walking away with a ‘curious’ feeling.

Mr. French Poster Cannibal Kingdom Beaver by Charles S. Anderson Design

Molly Wortham "You'll Be Poison" zatista.com

Susan Grissom "Lady and Her Bird" zatista.com

Of course, it’s all a matter of personal taste. This is just one woman’s opinion and I think it’s refreshing when ‘animal art’ doesn’t hit you over the head with a ton of cute.

Nathan Oliveira "Baboon (Celadon)" Marsha Mateyka Gallery

Besides, you’ve got plenty of opportunity for that in the kids’ rooms!

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