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Today, I’ve been craving things which are handmade (ok, chocolate too but that’s another story). It’s the constant crush of our high tech age which makes me want to get off the freeway, get out of the car, turn off the iPhone/Blackberry/HDTV/radio/fax/microwave/laptop and yes I’m going to say it….slow down, take time to be creative, and make something with my own bare hands. It feels goooood to consider this. Am I the only one?

Fernando Velez Castro "Untitled" zatista.com

Don’t get me wrong, before I go cold turkey with tech, I’ll have to go online and seek advice on how best to unplug. Luckily, I will be inspired by Etsy and will find good info on handmade.org offering resources and encouragement to go so far as to take a “handmade pledge”, an oath to create and consume things handmade.

Leah Yerpe "Crumple" zatista.com

Buyhandmade.org says, “Some folks pledge for political and environmental reasons, and some pledge because handmade gifts are just more satisfying to the senses.” I like handmade items because they tend to be unique, which is hard to come across in these days of globalization and mass production.

Stefan White "Winter34" zatista.com

When I think about art + handmade, I think of the intrinsic value of original artwork. Original artwork is a perfect thing for a handmade diet since options are plentiful and affordable.

Edward Zelinsky "Winds" zatista.com

Although many different types of art are handmade, today my creative side wants to draw. The act of putting pencil/pen/crayon/chalk/pastel to paper seems like an old fashioned and immediate way to create.

Tavish Costello "In The Flesh II" zatista.com

In terms of consuming, drawings tend to be less expensive than works in other media so that’s an attractive selling point. So, what do you think about creating or consuming things handmade? We want to hear your ideas and hear about things you’ve made by hand. Share them with us here on Wallspin!

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  1. Jennifer Hartman Rive't
    June 17, 2010 at 8:16 pm

    To me, drawing is a personal thing my father taught me from a very early age and every time I do it I feel love and respect. To me drawings are like books, very precious and from the heart. My work deals with animals, mostly dogs, and the constant love, inspiration and companionship they share with us so givingly. Because I know three dogs firsthand, I know their smallest gestures can make us laugh all day. Because I can draw, I want to share these images with others, hoping they will smile when they look at them, even after I am gone.

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