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Framing Nature

Here in Southern California, the late spring weather has been heavenly –  pulling me outside on most days. It’s the perfect season to take my three year old daughter on walks through the neighborhood. It’s also a great opportunity for both of us to slow down and appreciate nature’s endless marvels.

Chip Etier "Dogwood" zatista.com

From the enthusiastic perspective of a 36″ tall toddler, nearly everything is a treasure to discover and talk about on our walks.

Erin Jones "Curve" zatista.com

Even from my taller vantage point, it’s refreshing to acknowledge all the beauty packed into the details of life.

Michelle Wermuth "Lollipop Lollipop" zatista.com

It is pure pleasure to soak up the sights at close range – butterflies; a carpet of white alyssum; a dandelion.

Jeffrey Hummel "Graine" zatista.com

Back in my grown-up mind, I start envisioning photographs of rocks, flowers and bugs.

Mark Smith "White Moth" zatista.com

In reality the colors are vivid but today I see the world around me through the simplicity of a black and white lens. Next, my mind wanders and imagines plentiful arrangements of framed photographs in rooms like this,

image from Houzz.com

or this,

Image from Houzz.com

or this.

Image from Houzz.com

Now that the weather’s warming up, treat yourself to an outdoor ramble. Move at a slow pace, look where you don’t normally look, and see artful tableaux pop up all around you.

Taylor Gillis "Untitled (1)" zatista.com

If you are inspired by what you see, bring paintings, drawings and photos of these natural wonders into your home and create ways to appreciate the enchantment of the outdoors year-round.

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  1. Cynthia
    June 24, 2010 at 3:07 am

    Well, we thought we’d be back in California this year but not so. We are stuck here in Kansas. so I guess I’ll just have to unpack all my pictures, (in a box for a year), Hang them and make this place feel like home. I must admit seeing the seasons change for the first time, I’m 53, was a wonder, and snow is a delight; although the kansas natives complain endlessly, and, oh my, the spiders here are really big!!!. Yet I’ve found such beauty in Autumn leaves and a real white winter, and the wildlife running around everywhere. OH!! all my pictures! Now see what you’ve done.

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