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Paperworks for Spring

Often considered a less expensive way to collect works by established artists, works on paper is a category of fine art not to be overlooked. I tell my clients, purchasing works on paper is one way to bring variety and depth to their fine art collection. Mixing works on paper with works on canvas, photography or sculpture, can bring a well roundedness to the artwork on view in your home.

Joanne Julian "Circle with Hummers" joannejulian.com

Paolo Scalera "Natura Morta 2008" zatista.com

Works on paper can include drawings or sketches in pencil, charcoal, chalk, crayon, pastel or ink; prints; reproductive prints; gouaches; watercolors; and mixed media works. Works on paper are typically less expensive than works on canvas, and smaller too, due to conventional milled paper sizes.

Paule Marrot "Spring" naturalcuriosities.com

Paule Marrot "Abstract 02" naturalcuriosities.com

Many argue that paintings made on paper have a different feel to paintings made on canvas. Some artists say canvas has a certain give to it that paper does not have, therefore canvas allows the artist to put more depth into the painting. Yet, some artists work exclusively on paper relishing the immediacy and ease of the medium. Other artists work in several mediums appreciating each for its own unique qualities, and some artists sketch on paper as a means of thinking through what will eventually become a work in another medium entirely. The motivations are endless.

Dale Chihuly "Basket Drawing, 1994" chihuly.com

Richard Serra "Between the Torus and the Sphere I, 2006" geminigel.com

Because they are versatile, plentiful and light, I’m inspired by works on paper this spring. What role is springtime playing in your fine art collection?

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