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Empty Calories: Consuming Still Lives

I love art history as much as the next person, but I have to admit I laughed a little while reading about a recent study on the progressive growth of food portions. The study by Cornell University was based on scrutinizing 52 versions of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper. Did this study strike anyone else as odd?

Paul LaCroix "Still Life With Fruit" The Cooley Gallery

It’s not that I didn’t find the results interesting – I suppose I was merely surprised by the convergence of the terms ‘Last Supper’ and ’super-sized’ in one headline.

Sandy Burr "Pomegranate 02" zatista.com

At the very least, the study’s choice to use The Last Supper painting as the basis of research was a smart marketing tool since it seems to have caught everyone’s attention.

James Moore "Tomatoes and Red Stripe" Garvey Simon Art Access

In light of this study, and as an homage to the old world, I took some time to look at still lives of food and drink. It’s the type of genre that often gets overlooked in our modern, high tech world.

Jeremiah Patterson "Still Life With Red Mullet" zatista.com

The right still life, however, can be quite an intriguing addition to your walls at home.

Kathryn Parker Almanas "Breakfast I" zatista.com

Select a style that expresses your tastes — painting, photography, drawing – or simply select images that depict your favorite savory or succulent foods.

Kees Alderliesten "Blossom, Eggs and Orange" The Catto Gallery

Johannes Wessmark "Don't Play With Your Food" zatista.com

Brian Davies "Archebold" Casa das Artes Galeria

And for those worried about hefty portions, perhaps through art, you can trade caloric intake for aesthetic delights …

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