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Know It When You See It

It happened when I least expected it. I was sipping a martini at Proof on Main in Louisville, Kentucky when I saw them- the most beautiful series of fine art photographs I had ever encountered. Each race horse was photographed alone in a black box studio wearing just a mask. Seeing the horses stripped down without the fanfare, the media, or the persistent whipping of hyperactive jockeys left me feeling raw and exposed. The whole experience was incredibly moving, especially when you consider that I had never had an interest in horses prior to that moment.

Louisville Racehorse

I combed the restaurant until I found someone who would share the name of the photographer. Given that I was traveling at the time, I knew I couldn’t drop a few thousand dollars on art and then turn around and stuff it into a suitcase. Vowing to bring home at least one of the shots once I was back home, I jotted down the name of the photographer, Elena Dorfman. Two months later and having just moved into a brand new, white-walled apartment, I’m dreaming of horses once again.

Like falling in love with your next great love affair, you’ll know it when you’ve met the newest addition to your growing art collection. A great piece of art stirs your soul, opens your heart, and speaks to you every time you catch a glimpse.

Not sure how you’ll know it when you see it? Here are a few other clues that you’ve found “the one”:

You won’t be able to forget it. When you experience a piece of art that truly speaks to you, you’ll find it impossible to get the image out of your mind.

You won’t feel the need to justify your purchase. With the right piece of art, you won’t waste time giving your friends the financial play by play of why you decided to make the purchase. Instead, you’ll be sharing the story about how you felt when you first saw the piece.

You know exactly where it will live. We often connect with art that fills an emotional or physical void in our home or workspace. If you see a piece that resonates with you and you have a reasonable idea of where it will go once you’ve purchased it, you’re on the right track.

It’s not just “wall decor”, it’s a show piece. If you’ve really fallen in love with a piece, you’ll find yourself wanting to introduce it to everyone you encounter.

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