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Become a Fan of Zatista!

Become a Fan of Zatista!

If you are not already, take a minute and become a fan of Zatista.

We now have our own Facebook page at www.facebook.com/zatista.
If you are a member of Facebook, this is a great way to join our growing community and stay in touch with us. Each day we post a new Artists of the Day and on Thursdays we post the Gallery of the Week.
Additionally, we share interesting articles and tidbits from the world of art and design.

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New International Features for Zatista Sellers
UPDATED at 11:20am EST on 7/9/09: The new international features are now live – check them out! Since launch we have had requests from our artists and galleries for enhanced shipping and currency features when listing items to help them sell globally. Whether you are an artist in London, or a gallery in Chicago we […]
Empty Easel Review of Zatista.com by Taylor Gillis
A Review of Zatista.com: More Than Just an Art Marketplace Online “Zatista may be new – it just launched last April – but in terms of design and usability, I think it’s already one of the best places online to buy and sell original artwork.” > Read the full review