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Art And Animals Art And Animals
Since the dawn of time animals have been a big inspiration for artists. Most famously, the Lascaux caves in southwestern France show detailed cave paintings from 20,000 years ago of large animals like bulls.  Today, painters are finding new and delightful ways to display animals through their art. To pay homage to earth’s amazing creatures, […]
Should I Only Buy Art From Famous Artists? Should I Only Buy Art From Famous Artists?
When you first start to build your art collection and consider buying paintings online, you might find yourself wondering – should I only invest in art created by famous artists? The answer is, there is no right way to buy art.  Give yourself permission to enjoy the process no matter who the artist is. Art […]
Capturing Outer Space In Art Capturing Outer Space In Art
Humankind has been fascinated by space since the beginning of time. There is still so much unknown. The mysteries of the universe and the beauty of space have given artists some out-of-this-world inspiration to create incredible works of art. Through astronomical, space-inspired art, we can explore the awe-striking, far reaches of the galaxies. Explore our […]
Do’s and Don’ts of Art Commissions Do’s and Don’ts of Art Commissions
What better way to decorate a space and diversify your collection than with a commissioned piece of artwork? These days it is more accessible than ever to request a personalized work of art from an artist you love. And once you get comfortable and familiar with the process, you’ll find how fun it can be! […]