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2024 Interior Design Trends and How to Incorporate Art
2024 Interior Design Trends and How to Incorporate Art

New and exciting interior design trends are on the rise for 2024. Each year brings a fresh perspective, with interior design trends incorporating innovative concepts and reinterpretations of classic styles. Art plays an important role in interior design as it acts as both a focal point and an extension of the style of the space around it. Incorporating art into your home decor not only adds a layer of aesthetic depth, it also allows you to stay current with both design trends and your own ever-evolving personal style.

On the Rise for 2024

This year’s design trends are a blend of old and new. From vibrant and whimsical elements to subtle nods to tradition, there’s a design trend to suit every style! We’ve compiled some of the biggest trends for this year and some art picks to incorporate for each aesthetic.

Vibrant Colors

Elements of last year’s maximalist trend are carrying over into this year. Vibrant colors are here to stay, with boldly hued furniture and design elements being used to create stunning focal points. Incorporating vibrantly colored artwork is a great way to incorporate this trend into your home in a less permanent way than painting or splurging on new furniture. Look for bold color palettes that either add contrast to the surrounding decor or that build upon the room’s palette.

Prayer One Page I by Tadas Zaicikas

Enchanted Falls by Kenneth Halvorsen

Organic Shapes

Organic shapes are becoming more popular in interior design, being used to add a natural sense of fluidity and grace. Organic shapes draw their inspiration from nature, featuring free-flowing lines and curves as opposed to traditional angular shapes and straight lines. Artwork that features flowing lines and irregular shapes help incorporate this trend to any space. Abstract artwork is a great way to play with the organic shapes trend.

Reaching For It by Newel Hunter

Hungarian Rhapsody by Gregg Simpson

Quiet Luxury

Quiet luxury has become a big trend in both interior design and the fashion world. This trend strays away from overt shows of opulence, instead opting for a less obvious sense of luxury and quality. Artwork that incorporates the quiet luxury trend often features minimalist and sophisticated elements, such as subtle color palettes, hints of gold, delicate textures, and understated compositions. The key is to avoid overly showy pieces and let the artistry speak for itself.

1311 Greengrey Elegance Part 1 by Roger König

341 Falling Leaves in Tuscany by Anne B Schwartz

Playful Sophistication

Playful sophistication is all about design that doesn’t take itself too seriously. This trend features elements of whimsy like sculptural furniture, quirky decor pieces or unusual color palettes. Fun design elements are balanced by subdued tones and elevated accents to create spaces that are playful yet upscale. Artwork featuring a bright palette and whimsical elements can be used to create the perfect playful and sophisticated focal point. This trend is all about personality, so look for artwork that speaks to you and your interests!

Spellbound – Portrait of a Leopard by Angie Wright

Wild Bouquet by Nathalie Gribinski

Vintage-Inspired Aesthetic

The vintage-inspired interior design trend is gaining popularity in 2024, with a focus on blending nostalgic elements from different eras to create a curated and timeless aesthetic. The trend uses antique furniture, retro color schemes, and nostalgic decor pieces to marry the charm of the past with the functionality of modern living. To incorporate a vintage-inspired aesthetic into your home decor, try choosing artwork featuring nostalgic themes, muted color palettes or classic subject matter.

Arya with Bead by Alisa Onipchenko-Cherniakovska

An Old-Fashioned Tea Party by Grace Diehl

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Art and interior design go hand-in-hand, with artwork adding an expression of style and personality to any space. Thoughtfully chosen artwork can inspire the entire design scheme, influencing color palettes, textures, and the overall style or trend of the room.

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