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3 Artists to Watch in 2024
3 Artists to Watch in 2024

We’re ringing in the new year with some artists to watch in 2024. With each year comes an opportunity to explore different artists and discover new favorite art styles and trends. Our selected artists are making waves. Each with different backgrounds and art styles, they share a glimpse of the talented artists that you can discover in our diverse collection. We’re always adding new pieces to our collection, so you never know when you’ll discover someone whose work leaves you feeling inspired!

Zatista’s Featured Artists to Watch

These talented artists were selected based on their unique art style and perspectives. Each of these artists has a strong point of view that is showcased in their art and that brings something different to the table. From abstract expressionism, to vibrant contemporary art and hyperrealism, these artists are sure to make a great addition to your art collection!

Dutch Artist Gerard Boersma

Gerard Boersma is a Dutch hyperrealist artist known for his realistic paintings of modern urban life. His work is based on photographs he takes on long walks through his hometown of Leeuwarden, Netherlands. His paintings feature the people and objects he sees in the streets, on public transit and in stores, capturing whatever catches his eye and his interest. Boersma’s art is in museums, galleries and collections worldwide, having been featured in leading art fairs in Europe and the United States.

“To me these glimpses of everyday life are important as they say a whole lot about today’s society. They show the way people act, communicate or are influenced by modern developments in various ways. I observe it, enlarge it and paint it. That way I freeze time and our fast and busy lives are forever captured in a moment. Finally ready to be observed quietly.”

Circles by Gerard Boersma

Ikea by Gerard Boersma

French Artist Emily Starck

Emily Starck is a French artist who specializes in vibrant abstract expressionist paintings on large canvas. She boldly navigates diverse color palettes, infusing her work with emotion and intensity. Starck’s artistic influences range from the early modernist Marc Chagall to abstract artists like Cy Twombly, Pierre Soulages and Joan Mitchell.

“For me, creating is living, and I need to live. [I] express my feelings without words and bring people into my world.” Her art style has evolved over the years from a figurative approach to the abstract art style she favors today, influenced heavily by music, her travels and her time spent during a residency in Russia. Starck’s work has been featured in exhibitions all over France and has won two prestigious awards and distinctions.

The Flowers by Emily Starck

Another Pink Day by Emily Starck

Cuban Artist Diana Rosa

Diana Rosa is an established Cuban painter living in Ontario, Canada. Born and raised in Cuba, she grew up surrounded by nature. This environment has heavily inspired her work, gifting her with a unique perspective on how humans interact with the earth, the animals and others around us. Rosa’s bold contemporary art style is vibrant and whimsical, featuring figures, botanical elements and animals. Rosa’s work has been featured in exhibitions across Europe and North America and has appeared in many top publications in Canada.

“I create a visual dialogue where everything is possible and magic is the queen. Humans, animals, and plants are some of the themes that I use in my drawings, a subtle injection of ambiguity that blurs the gap between the ordinary and the fantastic.”

Magic Bloom by Diana Rosa

We Love the Jungle by Diana Rosa

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