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Modern Surrealism: Exploring Contemporary Surrealist Artists
Modern Surrealism: Exploring Contemporary Surrealist Artists

Surrealism is an art movement characterized by the use of dreamlike and fantastical elements. Many surrealist paintings feature imaginary landscapes or the juxtaposition of contrasting elements. When most people think of surrealism, the first artist that comes to mind is Salvador Dalí. He is often thought of as the most famous surrealist artist with his iconic melting clock paintings. Dalí’s work is a great example of how surrealism plays with bizarre visual elements to create a world that is entirely its own, neither real nor entirely impossible.

Over the years, the surrealism art genre has evolved to encompass contemporary themes. Modern artists continue to challenge conventional understanding and interpretation, inviting viewers to question the boundaries between the conscious and unconscious realms.

A Brief History of Surrealism

Surrealism emerged in the early 20th century as a creative art movement that played with the line between reality and fantasy. Surrealist art provided an antidote to the prevailing cultural and political rationalism during the period between the two World Wars. It became popular in the 1920’s with artists such as Salvador Dalí, André Breton and René Magritte becoming the faces of this new art movement. These artists practiced what was called ‘automatism,’ a technique where the artist creates their work by tapping into their subconscious and letting it lead their artistic process.

Modern Surrealism

Modern surrealism, also known as contemporary surrealism, is today’s answer to the surrealist movement of the 20th century. Many contemporary surrealist artists have incorporated modern elements into their work, such as using digital techniques to add fantastical elements or using their work as a statement on current issues. Modern surrealism has kept many of the key components of traditional surrealism such as dreamlike landscapes, the exploration of the subconscious and the use of juxtaposition.

Modern Surrealist Artists on Zatista

British Artist Daniel Loveday

Artist Daniel Loveday’s work embodies modern surrealism by using animals to comment on the current environmental situation. His work is, in a word, phantasmagorical, and he describes his artistic intention: “I’m as much a storyteller as an artist. My passion is to tell the story of humanity’s environmental destruction, a consumer society which I believe will eventually consume us.”

Pool by Daniel Loveday

Goldfish XXXVI by Daniel Loveday

Italian Artist Amelia Galli

Amelia Galli is an Italian artist whose unique paintings feature animals or people in settings that appear almost otherworldly. She shares what inspires her art: “My pictures show our daily settings, our everyday scenes introducing disturbing elements into grotesque performances, transgressing our communication codes. In doing so, I reach new possible aesthetics, new views over the emotion. A different language that walks parallel to the usual one, expanding and increasing it.”

Black and white by Amelia Galli

Hatching by Amelia Galli

Canadian Artist Esam Jilati

Esam Jilati is based out of Toronto, Ontario and has traveled the world to explore his love for other cultures and civilizations. His work features traditional surrealist elements that bend the edge of reality, while infusing his own love and appreciation for other cultures. “My love for art and history, in addition to the world events, inspire me to start a new painting that reflects my emotions and philosophy in response to an ideal, incident or event brought to my attention.”

Life on Earth, color your world by Esam Jlilati

The Glory of the Past by Esam Jlilati

Cuban Artist Diana Rosa

Artist Diana Rosa was born and raised in Cuba and now calls Canada home. Her art style is uniquely her own, and is vibrant, colorful and fantastical. Her work often features cartoon-like figures with a surrealist twist. Rosa shares: “My paintings reflect the natural beauty of human emotions. They are a bridge from my imagination to theirs, and although the story I mean to tell may differ from what the viewer ultimately takes away, what is most important is that we have shared the tale.”

Let it bloom by Diana Rosa

Juicy glove by Diana Rosa

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