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Exploring Pop Art Exploring Pop Art
Pop art is an art movement known for its vibrant colors and use of iconic imagery, such as popular celebrities or brands of household products. When most people think of pop art, they think of the famous Andy Warhol who is best known for his iconic pieces featuring celebrities like Marilyn Monroe or brand name […]
Art Around the World: Zatista Artists from Five Countries Art Around the World: Zatista Artists from Five Countries
Zatista’s online art gallery is home to artwork created by talented artists from around the world. In fact, our collection is home to pieces from over 50 countries, spanning across all six continents. Each continent, country and region brings their own diversity to our art collection, with artists from all walks of life sharing their […]
Mediterranean-Inspired Art Pieces Mediterranean-Inspired Art Pieces
Summer in the Mediterranean is a season characterized by ‘dolce far niete’ — the sweetness of doing nothing. From the sun-soaked landscapes to the languid pace of daily life, summer in the Mediterranean is a beautiful, inspiring season. Many European citizens take the month of August off to enjoy their summer vacation, often heading down […]
Meet American Abstract Artist Dan Louth Meet American Abstract Artist Dan Louth
American abstract artist Dan Louth describes his art style as eclectic. Based out of San Francisco, California, he creates acrylic and oil paintings that explore varied color palettes and textures. From Engineer To Artist Dan Louth has spent most of his professional life as a software engineer and business owner. An avid art lover all […]