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Towering Giants

Taunton Tree by Allan O’Marra $2,650

Peaceful when still and powerful in motion, trees are some of the most beautiful towering giants. They symbolize strength and solitude, waving their branches silently in the wind and offering shade from sunny rays.

Ode to Spring #2 by Linda Yurgensen $820

Walks in a wooded area can bring about a peace of mind and clarity, much of which is attributed to the subtle presence of the trees.

Lakeshore Trees by Nicholas Bell $172

Autumn Trees by Cristina Stefan $1,225

Displaying art like this in your home can stir a gentle wind in your soul, offering the same calm as being in nature with these giants.

Echo of the Sun by Anna Ravliuc $4,770

Looking to start a collection or just simply add another piece of art to your walls? Artsy trees are a perfect way to go. There is quite a selection of them in our gallery on!

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Patriotic Art

Union Officer by Susan Greaves $420

Every news channel is overflowing with talk of politics these days. Who people are voting for, who people are bashing, and every person caught in-between. It’s easy to focus on who will be leading our country in office, but often the people who stand behind him or her are forgotten.

Dud Corner by Nicholas Robertson $1,135

The military is near and dear to my heart. I am the wife and sister of soldiers. Many have served beside them and many are yet to follow in their footsteps. Lives are sacrificed – families sacrifice – all in the name of freedom.

Air battle by Igor Shulman $1,240

Patriotic art is incredibly popular in the homes of those who love a soldier and/or love our country. Collecting art that symbolizes the sacrifice that these men and women endure every day is a gentle reminder that freedom isn’t free.

Stars, Stripes, & Cowboys Forever by Lesley Spanos $240

Red, white, and blue are not just colors in a paint palette or for the Fourth of July – they’re the colors of steadfast liberty and patriotism. Check out for more patriotic art to add to your home.

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Stripes in the Art World

Deconstructed Bee by Karin Lowney-seed $275

Nature has striped the zebra. Man has striped his flags and awnings, ties and shirts. For the typographer, stripes are rules; for the architect they are a means of creating optical illusions. Stripes are dazzling, sometimes hypnotic, usually happy. They are universal. They have adorned the walls of houses, churches, and mosques. Stripes attract attention. —Paul Rand

Stripes by bonnie lammar $475

Stripes are everywhere. They’re inescapable. On flags, on clothes, and in art. Their patterns are strong and unwavering, defining new visions in the art world.

Watermelon Stripes by Katrina Berg $145

In art, stripes can create motion and flow through direction. Vertical or horizontal, their lines tell a never-ending story.

Stars, Stripes, & Cowboys Forever by Lesley Spanos $240

Open Spaces by Sharis Roe DeJaynes $200

Creating patterns with stripes can give the art-lover a sense of sustainability. Adding them to your walls can bring substance into your home. The only question is, what color are your stripes? Explore more at!

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JK Rowling’s Chair: An Art Form

JK Rowling warned that the chair was hard on her back. Image: Reuters

Any Harry Potter fans out there? If you call yourself a “super fan” of the Wizarding World then you might dream of owning some original HP memorabilia. According to Artnet News, a fan in New York just bought this chair at an auction – the chair where J.K. Rowling sat to write the Harry Potter books.

The chair on which British author J.K. Rowling sat to write the first two volumes of her best-selling “Harry Potter” series. Photo: William Edwards/AFP.

It sold on April 6, 2016 for $394,000. Nearly $400,000 for a chair that was given to Rowling for free!

The chair where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter, signed and painted by the author. Photo: Heritage Auctions.

Rowling explained in a letter written for the auction, “The 1930s-era oak chair was the most comfortable of a mismatched set of four she was given back in 1995, when she was a struggling single mother living in subsidized housing.”

JK Rowling’s hand-painted message on the chair. Photo: Joseph Schroeder, Heritage Auctions.

Specifically for the auction, Rowling painted the phrases on the sides of the chair. She never would have thought that it would be worth so much one day. Evidently, she told the auction house, “My nostalgic side is quite sad to see it go, but my back isn’t,” wrote Rowling. This just goes to prove that the most simple things around a house can become a work of art in the eye of another!

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Painting Orlando With Color

Rainbow deconstruction by Nestor Toro $1,400

Nearly one month after the largest mass shooting in U.S. history, our hearts are still with the people of Orlando. Fifty precious lives were lost to that terrible act of violence. Families lost brothers, sons, fathers, daughters, sisters, mothers. Friends lost their confidants and laughter. Today, we pay tribute to the people of the “City Beautiful.”

Pearl rainbow by Isabelle Beaubien SOLD

The LGBT community is known for their love, happiness and inclusion. This art is meant to pay tribute to that colorful pride.

RAINBOW HEELS by William Dey $395

While 50 lives may no longer walk among us, their memories carry on in the rainbows that follow the storm. Let this colorful, original artwork forever represent the beautiful people that they were.

Maxwell Settlement Rainbow by Allan O’Marra $2,350

Orlando, we stand with you, mourn with you, and hope with you. United, we have #OnePulse. If you would like to donate to the victims of the Orlando shooting, please visit the link below.

Support Victims of Pulse Shooting


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