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November 26, 2015 | Posted by | No Comments

Still Life Tablescapes

Grapefruits by Paulo Jimenez $6,150

As we decorate our tables today for fanciful feasts with family and friends, I am reminded of the beauty of paintings by the Old Masters.

Stilleven met kalkoenpastei or Still Life with Turkey Pie, oil on panel, 1627 by Pieter Claesz

Old Masters were painters of great skill who worked in Europe before about 1800. Many are names you know – Leonardo da VinciMichelangelo, and Raphael. But today I’m thinking especially of those who painted amazing still life paintings of tablescapes and food – Dutch artists like Willem Claeszoon HedaJan van Huysum, and Pieter Claesz.

Still Life of Flowers, Fruit, Shells, and Insects by Balthasar van der Ast

Jan van Huysum (1682-1749)

Looking at these amazingly detailed paintings makes my mouth water and inspires me to set an inviting dinner table – encouraging friends to gather ’round and stay a while at the table, enjoying food and conversation.

COLUMN by Dan Fogel $650

From our Zatista family to yours, we wish you a warm and lovely Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2015 | Posted by | No Comments

Modigliani Sells for $170M

Amedeo Modigliani’s “Nu Couché,” painted from 1917 to 1918

Written by Matt Levine at Business Insider:

Last week, a Modigliani nude was purchased for $170 million, the second-highest price ever received at auction for a painting. “Nu Couché” now trails only Picasso’s “Les femmes d’Alger (Version ‘O’),” which took the record in May when it sold for $179.4 million. But as tends to be the case, the story behind who bought the painting and why is more interesting.

As Fusion’s Lauren LaCapra noted, this painting was bought with an American Express card.


To get the points.


So that the family of Chinese billionaire Liu Yiqian could continue flying for free.


And as Liu told The New York Times:

“Every museum dreams of having a Modigliani nude. Now, a Chinese museum has a globally recognized masterpiece, and my fellow countrymen no longer have to leave the country to see a Western masterpiece … The message to the West is clear: We have bought their buildings, we have bought their companies, and now we are going to buy their art.”


November 19, 2015 | Posted by | No Comments

The Feminine in Art

Lilac Plethora by Laverne Chisan $1,100

While art itself may not be placed in a box, there are certainly categories of art. Feminine art is one of many, and it can enrich the soul through a simple bouquet of flowers or a streak of pink.

Impasto Yellow Flowers by Kelly Hutchinson $335

Bouquets of lilacs and daisies can brighten up any room with a hint of their feminine flare. It’s like bringing a garden into your home!

Time to Dance by Shelby McQuilkin $1,775

“Dancing” art will also add that light and airy touch of humble beauty, like the dancer portrayed in “Time to Dance.”

Woman with Blue Parrots by Naoko Paluszak $5,200

“Woman with Blue Parrots” illustrates both a strong and feminine woman, with a touch of floral by the rose in her hand. This could also help to add a pop of color to any room!

grey matterst—Pink by stephen cimini $622

Sometimes all it takes is just a touch of pink to create a feminine masterpiece, like the colors in “Grey Matterst – Pink” and “Hands are Tied: It’s a Girl!”

Hands are Tied: It’s a Girl! by Christina Massey $1,820

What kind of feminine art speaks to you? Flowers, dancers, shades of pink, or the touch of just a small rose? Whatever it is, there is certainly a wide selection of feminine art at!



November 17, 2015 | Posted by | No Comments

A Tribute to Paris

Eiffel Tower by Jacquelyn Sloane Siklos $97

In the wake of the recent tragedies in Paris, I wanted to dedicate a special blog to reflect on the beauty of the city. It is a city of romance and wonder. If you haven’t experienced the culture or seen the Eiffel Tower at night, or even if you have, reflecting on art that centers around Paris can take you there.

Reflections on Notre Dame de Paris
by Fikry Botros

There is so much that Paris is known for. It is known as both the “City of Love” and the “City of Lights,” making it a popular tourist spot and abounding with honeymooners. The Eiffel Tower is known worldwide as one of the most breathtaking sites that Paris offers.

Gargoyle Atop Notre Dame by James Conley $220

Also known as the “fashion capital of the world,” Paris offers some of the best shopping around. The models and runway shows are also said to be top-notch.

Raining Man by Kobby Dagan $1,900

Parisian Delights #1 by Marilyn Kalish $730

Paris, we stand with you and your beloved city. As you grow stronger through tragedy, we reflect on the beauty captured by art that you bring to the world.


November 12, 2015 | Posted by | No Comments

Under The Sea

Disturbance by Karin Lowney-seed $2,100

Victoria’s post on Tuesday got me thinking about the beach (again)! Once the cold fall weather takes root, I find myself having one more long and lustful wish for the ocean.

Sea Posse IV, King by Kathleen Ney $400

Jellyfish by Federico Cortese $220

Since so many of us have ties to the beach through family vacations or seaside cottages, the motif of ocean life if strong.

FISH PRINTS by J Coleman Miller $1,300

Natural Impressions: Coral by Max Rodriguez $200

Sun Fish by Myron Gilbert $675

Wouldn’t some of these charming original works look great at your beach cottage next summer?




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