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Relax by J.K Chillar $429

There’s a simple solitude that comes with having time to yourself – but being an extrovert – I love company. Crowds of bodies, small gatherings at home, or just being with a significant other can bring comfort and happiness wherever you may be.

Together Forever by Christopher Hughes $465

The magic of art is that it can embody that same sense of comfort. You can be alone in your living room and still be surrounded by people in a different way: on your walls.

Concertgoers by Lesley Spanos $290

The characters can dance into your home like a waltz or share laughs amongst themselves over coffee. Whatever they may be doing together, they bring you along with them.

A Happy Day by Anthony dunphy $610

German Cafe by Stephanie Berry $500

So, live together, go out together, or have people over. Create memories with people, and browse Zatista for figurative art. Invite some portraits or characters to live on your walls and tie in feelings of togetherness even when the room is ’empty’.

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All Aboard!

All Boys Love Trains by Polly Podolsky $985

Dark, loud, and adventuresome, trains are loved by many. Little boys play with them and older ones dream of conducting them. Hanging artsy trains like these in your home adds a masculine feel and can spark a thrill for adventure in anyone.

Engine No.3025 by John Kilduff $850

“All Boys Love Trains” has the title exactly right! Most boys love to “chug” them along, pretending to make “choo-choo” noises and playing conductor as they call, “All aboard!” What boy wouldn’t love to see his very own train on a wall in his room?

Gaia by Jon Bidwell $59

As they get older, some men become more and more fascinated with the mechanisms of what makes the train go. Their engines are loud and burly, manly enough for any man cave.

Fare Thee Well My Ramblin’ Boy by Polly Podolsky $575

Steam Train Vintage by Eddie Alfaro $165

Whether you have a curious five-year-old or are a knowledgeable adult, trains are a great way to add interest to a room at any age. All aboard to to check them out!

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Rooms of Darkness

Double White In Black & White II by Raphael Sloane $250

The representation of darkness, power, and territory: the color black. In art, it can mean a world of things but the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Seeing Double by Katya Belilovsky $200

When you think of the color black, what comes to mind? A midnight stroll? A spooky cat lurking on Halloween?

Who Are these Angels II by Naoko Paluszak $825

Black is one of the boldest, most powerful colors and can easily sway your perspective. Placing black on a light or white background adds an intense pop of color.

Flower Heart Limited Edition Print – Black by Lu West $111

One of the best qualities of the color is that it holds no gender-specific qualities. It is timeless and classy for both men and women.

Gothic Sunrise by Nicholas Bell $420

What’s missing in your home? Have a browse on for that striking piece of darkness to set your room apart.

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Collecting Art

Portrait of Man by Livia Mosanu $650

Collecting artwork is wildly popular these days and the profile of big 21st century collectors is changing every day. Living in a more globalized world means that the people with the most money to spend are looking for the next new thing. They have their penthouses, businesses, and fancy cars all in a row, and they want to collect art too!

Portrait of a Dog by Christine Cousineau $1,650

We might not run in the same circles as the world’s biggest art collectors, but still the question is the same – what to collect? Original art, of course! Almost anything from any artist is a good start – as long as it’s original and not a poster or mass reproduction of any kind. From commissioned personal portraits to expansive contemporary artworks, the options are endless.

American Family Portrait by Jeff Pugh $1,000

If you’re looking for tips on collecting original artwork, check out – they offer a large variety of tips and resources related to art collecting and visual fine art.

FUEGO by Rich Moyers $510

Shell Cluster by Max Rodriguez $275

Whether you’re a beginning collector, or already have a few pieces to build upon, is the place to shop today for the art collection in your home.

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Sketchy Art

Marker Drawing No.2 by Mineko Yoshida $96

Drawings created with pen, pencil, or charcoal are a terrific medium to add to your growing collection of original artwork. They bring with them a subtly personal and hand made feel, like it may have just been created.

Logging Site Mixed Media Drawing by Kathleen Ney $190

In the studio realm, drawings can inspire creativity. Portraits and sketches embrace the world of art, bringing new perspectives into creative minds and hands.

20110629 Charcoal Life Drawing: Female Nude 07 by Sergio Lopez $131

Often, drawings are sketches of live art – models, places, woodlands, or objects. Sometimes though, the artist takes on a whole new spectrum with a design all of their own, like “Marker Drawing No. 2” by Mineko Yoshida.

leaving the circus by Edward Zelinsky $225

Are you looking for art that catches the eye with its “sketchy” details? Check out more original drawings at today!


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