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Recently Sold

Two Elephant – In Orange & Red Orange by Richard Scudder

Artists across the globe look to Zatista to help their art find a home. We love being able to pair stunning artwork with original art-lovers around the world. Here are some gems that have recently sold from

Sea of Love by Elizabeth Chapman

The colors used in Sea of Love is enchanting. This abstract piece was created by Elizabeth Chapman. If you’re a fan of work like this, you can browse the rest of her pieces that are still available.

My Mistake 3 by Amy Bernays

“My Mistake 3” by Amy Bernays is an awesome mixed media portrait of a woman. This print has also found a home, but Bernays has plenty more to choose from.

Ocean Voyage by Mark David Smith

I’m a big fan of blues. “Ocean Voyage” by Mark David Smith beautifully combines varied shades of blue, reflecting the stillness of the ocean.

Blush Reflection, Blue Landscape by Lauren Adams

Another piece of abstract art that recently sold is “Blush Reflection, Blue Landscape.” This was depicting winter waterways. If this is what you’re looking for, don’t fret – Lauren Adams has some similar pieces still available.

Candle Dust by Joey Thate

Whether you’re in the market for an abstract painting or the glow of a dramatically lit photograph, Zatista has what you’re looking for, and more. Check out today and make the next “recently sold” piece yours!

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Blossoming Art

Blossom over River study by Thomas Lamb SOLD

Everywhere I go now, I see pink. Cherry blossoms are here and oh my, are they beautiful!

Apple Trees by Mehran Rashidfarokhy $385

Fall has always been my favorite season but I’ve also never lived anywhere with pink blossoms until now. Spring might officially be in the running! The morning mist coating the blush-colored trees really is a beautiful sight.

Yamazakura by Anthony dunphy $252

Tree Blossoms by Stephanie Berry $225

In Japan, cherry blossoms are significant, representing the fragility and beauty of life. Their beauty is fleeting, lasting only a couple of weeks, but the impression they make in that short time-span is awe-inspiring.

Pastel Blossom by Cristina Stefan $475

Pink Blossom by Simon Fairless $775

Bringing original artwork like this into your home could make every memory more fragile and beautiful. Their natural wonder may only last a little while but these blossoms can live in your home forever!

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Art That Soars

Birds In Fog by Nicholas Bell $172

Some of the most serene and curious animals are birds. While many interpret them as a representation of freedom, many birds carry a different meaning. Birds are used in art, movies, and books to represent a variety of emotions.

Snowy Soulmates by Kenny McClellan $225

Owls typically represent wisdom. Their big, bright eyes and slight turn of their head can lead to an eerie feeling too. Beautiful creatures.

Prelude by Ralph Verano $150

Crows are used often in gothic art forms, like “Prelude” by Ralph Verano. Their imagery can be hauntingly dark and mysterious.

Blue Bird by Geoff Bell-Devaney $575

Typically calming, blue birds are thought to represent spiritual joy and contentedness. Seeing one of these perched outside my window usually makes doing dishes a little nicer.

The Eagle And The City by Will Eskridge $450

My personal favorite, the eagle, is the American symbol for freedom. It is strong and courageous – sheer beauty in stillness or flight.

midcentury bird by Stacy Rajab $73

Decorating your home with “flying” art can bring a variety of emotions to any room. What do you want your home to represent? Check out more selections at

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Green Fingers

The Garden by Derek Olson $1,109.82

The sun is coming out, rain showers are scattered, and seeds are being planted. Is gardening a passion of yours or do you know someone with “green fingers”?

Potted Plants by Stephanie Berry $975

Spring is the time of rebirth and a time to plant new seeds. Gardening has always been something that I’ve wanted to do, but have never done. There’s a first time for everything though! I have empty pots sitting on the deck now just waiting for their soil.

Hydrangeas #2 by John Kilduff $3,100

Blue Corn by Jan and Jo Moore $90

What to plant? I love daisies and wildflowers, but what about practical things like herbs and vegetables?

Garden Woodpecker from bee things by Bee Things $42.50

It’s time to tackle the garden, which means it’s time to make your home match the season. Plant your seeds and change up the walls with original paintings, photography, hand made prints and garden art from

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A Story In Shapes

Stockholm by Kevin Brewerton $2,175

Soft gentle curves and sharp jagged edges – they can all have different meanings and affect individuals in complex ways. Many artists like to use shapes to convey certain feelings through this kind of visual thinking.

composition with red semi circle by Liam Hennessy SOLD

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” – Georgia O’Keeffe

Riveras #4 by Jeffrey Davies $1,360

When we typically think of shapes, we think of them geometrically. Circles, squares, triangles – the common ones. But what about the organic ones? The abstract shapes? They can all spark interest in the audience and work together to reinforce a theme.

Golden Tears by Bill Russell $195

Circles, for example, represent the “eternal whole.” There is no beginning or end, and they can bring a sense of love to a room. They exemplify solid protection.

Shapes No. 1 by Greg Beebe $390

Spirals count as shapes too, and they bring to life a whole new world of creativity. They can be viewed as representing flexibility and change.

Silent Eyelid by Charles E. Hellwig $13,950

Many artists tell a story. The next time you cannot find the meaning, ask yourself: Is it in the shapes?


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