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The Art of Impressionism

Guardian by Brent Hanson $635

Impressionist art was, debatably, the first modern movement in painting. Its start began in Paris, making way throughout Europe, and later becoming a style that many around the globe would come to love.

Memphis by Allan P Friedlander $2,235

The focus of impressionism is on the eye of the beholder. The painter captures an object as if they took a glimpse of it, turning it into a work of art that can be pondered upon by many.

Tolstoy by Thong Le $810

Zatista proudly displays this style of art that has made its way into the hearts and homes of many. Be it through a woman’s longing gaze, or the towering strength of an old oak, impressionist art tells a story.

Almost Gone by Anita Clearfield $650

Solitude by Jean Lurssen $250

What story will you allow it to tell in your home?

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A Few Shades of Gray (but not 50)

Soliloquy 2 by Jill English $1,568

There is a never-ending debate over whether or not gray is a color, but nonetheless, it encompasses many of my favorite art pieces. It is the shade of a cloud-covered sky, the morning fog, and the mist at nightfall. Whatever it may be to you, its presence in art is both calming and captivating. The best part is that gray can blend with any color in your home.

Gray Rock Triptych by Marilyn Henrion $6,900

Linda Yurgensen’s “Rain” incorporates gray with specks of vibrant yellow, adding just the right touch to seem as though a window streaked with falling water.

Rain by Linda Yurgensen $275

“Storm” by Taleen Batalian appears soothing and mystical, and would surely make home feel like a haven from gloomy weather.

Storm by Taleen Batalian $90

What is your favorite gray? Dew covered dandelions? A rocky mountain top? Browse today to find the perfect gray for your home.

Mantra by Jan and Jo Moore $475

painted bunting large by Bee Things $58

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Love Is In The Air

Flower Heart Limited Edition Print – Rose Quartz by Lu West $111

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Art makes a great gift for whomever it’s to!

Love Hearts 2 by Rachel McCullock $328.48

The most romantic day of the year is only two weeks away. Have you thought of the perfect gift? Sweet bouquets of flowers, boxes of delightful chocolates, and thoughtful heart-shaped cards to share your love are always wonderful ideas, but what about something new and original, yet still romantic? Show your Valentine how special they are to you with one-of-a-kind art from Zatista!

My Valentine by christopher hughes $280

Keeping with the theme of Valentine’s Day, there is a wide selection of art that showcases warm hearts and beautiful flowers. While your love would have to toss a real bouquet after a week or two, they could display one on their wall forever!

Be My Love, 3 by Mickey bond $200

February 14th is also a very popular day to get engaged. Are you thinking of popping the question? Here’s a unique idea: ask your love to be yours forever with “Will you…” by Kruti Shah.

Will You….. by Kruti Shah $350

However you choose to celebrate with the one who holds your heart, art is always a special gift to give. When you buy from Zatista, you are always guaranteed an original masterpiece. Tell your sweetheart that they are one-of-a-kind to you with art that is one-of-a-kind too!

Giving Love by Allan P Friedlander $495

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Sendak Museum?


Maurice Sendak standing with a scene from his book “Where the Wild Things Are,” at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan in 2002. Credit James Keyser/The LIFE Images Collection, via Getty Images

Maurice Sendak, author of the famed children’s book, Where The Wild Things Are, lived and worked in the small town of Ridgefield, Conn. The New York Times states, “Since his death in 2012, his estate and foundation and a group of devoted local Sendakians have been working to make this town into what some day may be the primary pilgrimage site for his fans, the way Sante Fe, N.M., is for Georgia O’Keeffe or Amherst, Mass., is for Emily Dickinson, one of Mr. Sendak’s favorite authors. The urgency to create a place for the public to visit increased in 2014 when the artist’s estate, citing Mr. Sendak’s wishes late in life, withdrew more than 10,000 pieces of original artwork and other material — the heart of his archive — from the Rosenbach Museum and Library in Philadelphia, to which Mr. Sendak lent pieces for decades and which organized more than 70 exhibitions of his work.”


Illustration from “Where The Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak

Evidently, Sendak’s will stipulated that his home operate as a museum or research center for scholars, students, and artists, and also offer tours to the general public.


Illustration from “Where The Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak

As the foundation struggles to reach agreement on plans and funding, it seems a museum won’t be materializing in the immediate future, but there is still hope that something could develop over time. According to the New York Times, “the group envisions an institution that could be a tourist draw and an economic boon to this town of 25,000 residents.

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Gone To The Lake

Town Dock by Robert LeMar $1,020

We’re in the heart of winter and I keep driving past lakes that are frozen over with skaters dancing on them. They’re beautiful and serene, but it’s making me long for the warmer months, when lakes will serve a completely different purpose.

I’m reminiscing of hot summer days spent kayaking calm waters, or sitting on the edge of a pier dangling feet off the side.

Kenogamisis Dawn #16 by Klaus Rossler $470

Pier and Seagull, 2014 by Nicholas Bell $262

I’m dreaming of days of fishing for the “catch of the day,” when we won’t need to worry about “catching” a cold from being outside.

Lake Balboa, Encino CA by William London $340

I’m thinking back to younger years, too. We would walk to the lakes nearby and feed the swans some bread, admiring their beauty and elegance.

Swan by Anne Lively $245

Are you embracing the cooler months, or longing for the days of summer spent at the lake? The weather is chilly, so take yourself to the lake with art from!



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