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The World of Dance

Dance Rehearsal by James Wiley $225

The world of dance is full of technical ballerinas and sexy salsa pairs. There are critical instructors and perfectionists, tutus and pointed toes, but every dancer at their root shares the same few things: the passion to perform, to entertain, to inspire.

Ballerina in brown by Pavel Kasparek $175

My parents would say that I danced before I walked. I took classes for twelve years, everything from ballet to jazz to hip hop, and I loved it. I breathed it. I wholeheartedly understand the world of dance.

Let’s Dance by Valerie Vescovi $220

Original art that dances into your home can inspire the dancer in you. In a little girl’s room, a portrait of a ballerina can have her twirling in her tutu, dreaming of the spotlight. In another room, a ballroom couple could bring some spice into your love life when the music comes on.

Street dancer II by Igor Shulman $1,440

Whether it moves you to tears or moves you to the beat, the world of dance is worth diving into. We all like to move a little bit now and then. Find the perfect photograph, painting or piece of original artwork that will get you dancing, here at

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Featured Artist: Simon Fairless

Orange Blossom by Simon Fairless $2,100

Simon Fairless is a phenomenal artist working out of Windsor, Berkshire United Kingdom. His original paintings explore a variety of mediums, but his primary focus is acrylic on canvas.

City Block Grey and Yellow by Simon Fairless $265

Fairless is inspired by the simple beauty of nature. He sees landscapes, color, and texture and creates stunning works of art.

Gale Force 8 by Simon Fairless $565

He says, “My paintings and photography are representations of feelings and special places that have caught my imagination and stirred strong emotions inside me. Often they’re an expression of our beautiful world, or an emotional response to nature, people and circumstance.”

Five White Five Red by Simon Fairless $515

Road Race II by Simon Fairless $775

Zatista is proud to feature him this week. Check out more of his original artwork for sale at

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One Colorful Cube

RGB Colorspace Atlas by New York-based artist Tauba Auerbach

Think of all the colors in a crayon box. There are names that go beyond the normal reds and blues, creating beautiful works of art. Now take a look at this awesome sculptural object created by artist Tauba Auerbach.

RGB Colorspace Atlas by New York-based artist Tauba Auerbach

The RGB Colorspace Atlas is “a massive tome containing digital offset prints of every variation of RGB color possible.” The cube measures 8in x 8in x 8in, making it the perfect size to put on display.

RGB Colorspace Atlas by New York-based artist Tauba Auerbach

Auerbach was raised by designers, leading her to pursue a degree in Visual Arts. She focuses on a wide variety of visual arts, and the Colorspace Atlas is one of her most recent works.

RGB Colorspace Atlas by New York-based artist Tauba Auerbach

Of all the colors in the world, who would have thought that someone could capture them all into one little atlas? Creative minds create amazing things!

April 19, 2016 | Posted by | 1 Comment

Featured Artist: Steven Miller

Lay of the Land by Steven Miller $7,500

Continuing with our series on Featured Zatista artists, Steven Miller is a phenomenal abstract artist living in New York, NY. He has studied the human figure and landscapes, much of which has led him to his style of abstract artwork.

Desert Dream by Steven Miller $7,500

Interestingly, he says that, “I began with producing series of drawings based on different viruses. From these initial studies I painted my first large format oils on wooden doors, exploring and expanding upon the studies that I had done involving photo-electronic images of viruses.”

There It Is by Steven Miller $7,500

Miller’s original artwork with enticing colors and patterns is highly sought after. His work has been featured on “Sex and the City”, “Revenge”, and “Fraiser”.

Softly Now by Steven Miller $7,500

These are just a few pieces from his captivating collection of paintings.

Magic by Steven Miller $7,500

Garden Maze by Steven Miller $7,500

Check out more of Steven Miller’s paintings for sale on!

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Beverage of Choice

VORTICI by Lucia Bergamini $2,750

If I had to choose a “beverage of choice,” I would say coffee in the morning and wine in the evening. Some mamas just need both! Wine is in a world all to itself – it’s sophisticated and earthy, and decorating with wine related artwork can add just the right touch to your home.

Strawberry Wine by Laverne Chisan $465

Many of us enjoy a good glass of wine once in awhile. Savoring and tasting different varietals of wine are some of my favorite memories. Before we moved, we had a “Supper Club.” The food was the best of the best and the wine was always aged to perfection. Many memorable conversations revolved around a good glass of wine.

Cheese & Wine – two bottle each that should do it! by Simon Fairless $600

I enjoy wine when I’m cooking, too. Something about the ritual of pouring a glass can ease the stress of chopping vegetables and making sure dinner is on the table by the time my husband walks in the door.

Bin 333 by Stephanie Berry $180

Red or white, sweet or smoky, wine is also great for closing off the day. Maybe you end your day with a good book and a smooth wine. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

Pinot Noir by Filomena Booth $250

The Wine Lover by Amy Bernays $290

The original art that you display in your home helps set your mood. Wine has always been known to be great for celebrating and relaxing. Do you host dinner parties often, or are you a homebody who prefers the quiet? Wine can go either way, so check out more art like this for sale at


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