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Evergreen Artwork
It's that time of year again when the leaves are off the deciduous trees and the evergreens are in their full glory. Winter is their season to shine! The way an evergreen tree holds snow is a beautiful sight to see. Those of us living in colder climates are guaranteed a snowy evergreen sighting every winter and the rest of us may only catch a glimpse of snowy tree branches once in a while ...
Life In The Fast Lane Life In The Fast Lane
When life is moving at break neck speed, it's especially important to slow down and enjoy the artwork surrounding you. These quiet moments are important so make sure it counts with great original artwork. Look around your house and be honest about what could use an upgrade. If those pieces seem pricey to replace, then save up to replace them with the right piece of original art. You'll be glad you did. See some of our favorites here today!
Great Advice from Emily Henderson Great Advice from Emily Henderson
The fabulous Emily Henderson - host with HGTV, best selling author and stylist with a strong commitment to vintage inspired approachable home style for everyone - had some great advice about art on her Instagram feed this morning and we can't agree more ...