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All About Marilyn All About Marilyn
It’s rare that someone would have two birthdays, but in the case of Marilyn Monroe, this anomaly just might be true. On June 1, 1926, a little girl named Norma Jean Mortenson was born at Los Angeles County Hospital. Her name may not ring a bell, but ...
Pop Art
You may have heard the term Pop Art in the news recently due to the death of artist James Rosenquist, a pioneer of the genre. What is Pop Art, you ask?
Popular Art
Pop Art is a relevant, growing topic in art today. With inspiration from iconic artists leaking into many up and coming artists’ work, it is important to display pop art proudly in our museums
Art & Fashion
To celebrate New York Fashion Week, let's a look at the increasingly intertwined worlds of art and fashion. Nowadays, art plays the muse while fashion gives it a different kind of exposure...